Started in Chicago in January 2017, AudPod is a passion project featuring performers, composers, educators, and other members of the music community. After a two-and-a-half-year hiatus, AudPod has restarted with a broader scope to include people outside of Chicago.

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Ep63: Varo String Quartet  

Carmen Abelson, Hannah Christiansen, and Isidora Nojkovic of the Chicago-based Varo String Quartet (which also includes Lena Vidulich) talk about their first season as a newly-formed quartet and their upcoming concert of music by Grazyna Bacewicz, whose compositional style shifted soon after she was severely injured in a car accident in 1954.

Get tickets here for Varo SQ's June 14 concert at the International Museum of Surgical Science.

IG: @varostringquartet

Ep60: Jayve Montgomery (Abstract Black)  

Nashville-based sound artist and improvising multi-instrumentalist Jayve Montgomery (also known as Abstract Black) talks about how deep listening has informed the sounds on his new tape, Breathing With Each Ear (Hour 3).

The piece included at the end of this episode is Montgomery's “Where There Is No Sun To Light The Way,” available now to stream and/or purchase at

IG: @abstractblack

Ep59: Codex Trio  

Amanda Beaune (violin), Zaira Castillo (piano), and Isidora Nojkovic (cello) of the recently-formed, Chicago-based Codex Trio discuss their upcoming September 12 program for New Music Chicago's Impromptu Fest.

Codex Trio's performance at Impromptu Fest takes place 6:00pm Tuesday, September 12, at Epiphany Center for the Arts.

The audio excerpt at the end of this episode is the first movement from Codex's springtime Constellation performance of Peter Kramer's piece “Three Gestures.”

Codex IG: @codextrio

New Music Chicago IG: @newmusicchicago

NMChicago Impromptu Fest website:

Ep58: a Light Sleeper  

Chicago-based quartet a Light Sleeper discuss their new album Equaeverpoise (out on Cuneiform Records), their writing process, and how improvisation informs that process.

The tune included at the end of this episode is “Trees and Flora,” from Equaeverpoise.

a Light Sleeper includes:

Maria Elena Hernandez - alto and tenor saxophones 
Traci Huff - viola 
Matthew Jung - drums, keyboard 
Dheeru Pennepalli - guitar

Listen to/purchase Equaeverpoise at:

Check out a Light Sleeper's other music at:

IG: @alightsleepermusic

Upcoming shows:

August 6 - The Hideout - 1354 West Wabansia Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

August 15 - ChiCityLive Que4 Radio -

August 28 - The Brass Rail - 1121 Broadway - Fort Wayne, IN

August 29 - The Lodge - 231 6th Avenue - Dayton, KY

August 30 - The Government Center - 715 East Street - Pittsburgh, PA

August 31 - The Crown - 1910 North Charles St - Baltimore, MD

September 1 - Gallery 5 - 200 W Marshall St - Richmond, VA

September 3 - ProgDay - Chapel Hill, NC


Albuquerque-based shoegaze guitarist David Castillo (aka SOMNILOQUIST) talks about their songwriting process, their relationship to visual aesthetics, and their upcoming split release with fellow ABQ act ōverwhelm

Song included in this episode is “Dead Willow”

SOMNILOQUIST IG: @somnillawafer

ōverwhelm IG: @overwhelmnm